About Us

Strive to become your best self, through fashion. 
Launched in 2020, Liebe Luna Boutique strives to be unique. We offer modern and vintage styles that are chic and trendy, yet natural through our online fashion boutique. Founded and launched by Carena Novak, she believes your style should express who you are as an individual in some capacity. She carefully chooses pieces made from high-quality material that will set you apart from others in the best way. 
A Word from Our Founder 
Wondering how I came up with the name? 🙂 I am half German and half American. I’m also a night owl and love the moon — always loving the name Luna. The literal translation means “Dear Moon," kind of like Dear Juliet. After writing 4 pages worth of potential names, this one stuck with me the most so I really wanted to go with it. I feel the name ties in with the aesthetic perfectly. <3