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Get to Know Us!

I’m Carena, the creator of Luna Lux Nail Bar. I have been doing my own nails for years and decided to venture out and share my love for all things beauty.

Every Nail Set is made with love and care. Every detail is made with precision and purpose.



Launched in 2020, Liebe Luna Boutique strives to be unique. We offer modern and vintage styles that are chic and trendy, yet natural through our online fashion boutique.
Founded and launched by Carena Novak, she believes your style should express who you are as an individual. She carefully chooses pieces made from high-quality material that will set you apart from others in the best way. 
~Fun Facts~
1. My husband and I got married in Dublin, Ireland and are currently stationed in Hampton, VA with the Air Force
2. I'm a cat mom :)
3. I have a Theatre Arts Degree!
4. I'm a Disney Fan & love to read romance novels
5. I can speak read and write in German :)