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Get to Know Us!

Launched in 2020, Liebe Luna Boutique strives to be unique. We offer modern and vintage styles that are chic and trendy, yet natural through our online fashion boutique.
Founded and launched by Carena Novak, she believes your style should express who you are as an individual. She carefully chooses pieces made from high-quality material that will set you apart from others in the best way. 
A word from our Founder:
Liebe Luna is unique in the sense that I wanted to incorporate women artisans work. I have always appreciated the hard work that they do and loved the idea of featuring their items. If you have been on the website, you'll notice that I also create Magnets, Stickers, and Keychains of my own. I also work with all women-owned American distributors when it comes to the unique clothing. I have created so many close relationships with the women that I teamed up with and am grateful for them.