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Meet The Owner!


I am ecstatic that you have found Liebe Luna Boutique! My name is Carena Sophia Novak and I am the founder and owner of

It honestly was never my intention to own an online boutique funny enough.

My background includes a Bachelor in Theatre Arts with Minors in German and International Studies. After spending years working in Customer Service, Event Planning, and Management, I really wanted to start something of my own combining all of the skills I have accumulated.
I happened to be visiting a friend of mine when I came across the cutest boutique in a mall. When I saw how she had set up shop, it dawned on me that this is what I wanted to do. I started researching diligently and opened Liebe Luna Boutique in November of 2020. 
Liebe Luna is unique in the sense that I wanted to incorporate local artisans work. I have always appreciated the hard work that they do and loved the idea of featuring their items. If you have been on the website, you'll notice that I also create Magnets, Stickers, and Keychains of my own. I also work with all women-owned American distributors when it comes to the unique clothing. I have created so many close relationships with the women that I teamed up with and am grateful for them.
Wondering how I came up with the name? I am half German and half American. I’m also a night owl and love the moon- always loving the name Luna. The literal translation means “Dear Moon”, kind of like Dear Juliet. After writing 4 pages worth of potential names, this one stuck with me the most so I really wanted to go with it.
A little bit about myself: I got married to my wonderful husband, Steven, in Dublin, Ireland in 2019. We have a very odd cat, Harley, that completes our little family as of now. I love to travel, sing, and enjoy romance novels. I am fluent in German with half of my family living over there. I am a huge fan of musical theatre (Wicked is my favorite), and I enjoy riding on my 200CC Scooter.
I absolutely love this boutique and what it stands for! I appreciate you all for joining me on this journey. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year will bring!
--- Carena ---