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Meet Our Women Artisans: Staci!

Support Women Artisans And Express Yourself While Doing It! 


Women Artisan Highlight: Get to know them!

Want to add some unique accessories to your collection or home decor to a bedroom or living room? Get to know Liebe Luna Boutique’s women artists, and shop their products today!


Today, we are featuring Staci who is based in rural PA!

Staci creates wire wrapped Jewelry.


 What was your inspiration for starting your craft?

What feels like a million years ago, I had my son. We lived in the midwest, far from family and I didn't see many of my friends after I gave birth. I was a little sad and lonely and purchased a handmade necklace to treat myself. When it arrived I thought - I can make this! It gave me something to do when I was lonely.

What's your story?

You know, the usual stuff... Married, 2 kids, a dog. We do have a retail shop in historic Bellefonte PA located at the Gamble Mill. We sell handmade goods and plants.


Is this full time, part time, or a hobby? 

Full time

Why did you want to collaborate with Liebe Luna?

I was very fortunate that Liebe Luna found me and picked up my line.



Is there anything you'd like for us to know? A random fact?

I'm best known for my stud earrings, but I am going to push myself this year to try some new items!


The beautiful pieces featured above are just a few that were handmade by Staci and are now available

Stay tuned for more interviews with our Artisans!