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Meet Our Women Artisans: Shannon!

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Women Artisan Highlight: Get to know them!

Want to add some unique accessories to your collection or home decor to a bedroom or living room? Get to know Liebe Luna Boutique’s women artists, and shop their products today!


Today, we are featuring Shannon who is based in Hamlin, Pennsylvania!

Shannon is the girl behind A Girl's Gotta Spa!, an indie body care and perfume brand. 

 What was your inspiration for starting your craft?

So many things have inspired me - from watching my mom, a nurse, set aside time for self-care from the time I was little and sometimes secretly indulging in all of her skin care and fragrances, to being a mom myself and finding refuge in the shower among the uplifting scents - I have always loved how beauty products can change your mood.  

What's your story?

I dipped my toes into the beauty world first as a beauty blogger back in 2005. Learning the inner workings of the beauty industry was fascinating to me. Over the course of the last 17 years, blogging helped me meet key people, work with startups, and gain first hand knowledge that most don't have starting their brand. Most people don't know that I also have my B.A. in Psychology and I'm the mom of 5 and stepmom to 1 - all boys at that! (Another reason why I am focused on encouraging and uplifting women!)


Is this full time, part time, or a hobby? 

It started part time, but now I do it full time. 

Why did you want to collaborate with Liebe Luna?

I like your personalized approach with your customers. I've watched some of your Lives and enjoy them. :) 


Is there anything you'd like for us to know? A random fact?

I love public speaking. I feel like that's something most people dread, but I honestly love it. I've been asked to speak at a few big beauty industry expos in the past and it was incredible. 


The beautiful pieces featured above are just a few that were handmade by Shannon and are now available

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