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Meet Our Women Artisans: Kaylie!


Support Women Artisans And Express Yourself While Doing It! 


Women Artisan Highlight: Get to know them!

Want to add some unique accessories to your collection or home decor to a bedroom or living room? Get to know Liebe Luna Boutique’s women artists, and shop their products today!


Today, we are featuring Kaylie who is based in Southern NH!

Kaylie creates Pressed Floral Bookmarks!


 What was your inspiration for starting your craft?

It was a quarantine craft initially. I had picked flowers on a walk and dried and flattened them then put them between two pieces of clear packing tape haha but I had the idea to laminate them and then it grew from there! 

What's your story?

I grew up my whole life in NH and love nature! I’m also a full time wedding photographer on top of running my small business. I had a really toxic government job for 7 years and finally was able to quit and run both of my businesses full time in 2021! It was the best decision I have ever made! I have two cats that run the house and my life and a super supportive husband. I wouldn't survive without coffee and tacos 🤣



Is this full time, part time, or a hobby? 

It started as a hobby and quickly grew into a full time career!

Why did you want to collaborate with Liebe Luna?

I took a look at their shop and loved everything about it and thought that I could create bookmarks that would go really well with the rest of their shop! And they were an absolute delight to work with!



Is there anything you'd like for us to know? A random fact?

My favorite color is black 🖤


The beautiful pieces featured above are just a few that were handmade by Kaylie and are now available here

Stay tuned for more interviews with our Artisans!