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Meet Our Women Artisans: Hailey!

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Women Artisan Highlight: Get to know them!

Want to add some unique accessories to your collection or home decor to a bedroom or living room? Get to know Liebe Luna Boutique’s women artists, and shop their products today!

Today, we are featuring Hailey who is based in Wisconsin!

Hailey specializes in simplistic gemstone jewelry. 

Her passion for crystals and their healing properties is a huge motivation for providing customers with affordable, simplistic jewelry that can brighten their day!

 What was your inspiration for starting your craft?

In 2015, I got introduced to crystal healing. At first I enjoyed crystals for how they looked but quickly fell in love when I started using them for emotional/mental health.  At the time, I couldn't find a lot of wire wrapped crystal rings so that is what encouraged me to pick up the hobby.

What's your story?

By the end of 2019, I opened my Etsy shop: Modern Flower Jewelry (Modern Flower Creations was too long of a shop title for Etsy). In a weird way, it worked out perfectly as the pandemic started and online shopping was the only way anyone could get a product. My business took off! It also gave me purpose and allowed me to put all my energy into something as my work was shut down during this time. Most importantly, it allowed me to provide affordable jewelry and crystal products during a time when people needed healing the most.


Is this full time, part time, or a hobby? 

Currently, this is a part time job as I have another full time job. I hope one day I will be big enough to make Modern Flower Creations full time.

Why did you want to collaborate with Liebe Luna?

Modern Flower Creations is earthy. Liebe Luna is dreamy and magical. Creating for Liebe Luna allows me to think outside the box and get intouch with my femininity. I absolutely love sitting down and working together to create pieces that put you in a fairytale.  


Is there anything you'd like for us to know? A random fact?

For me, it has always been about the crystal and its natural beauty so when I make jewelry, it is always a priority to keep it as simplistic as possible. My work should compliment the stone, not cover it!


The beautiful pieces featured above are just a few that were handmade by Hailey and are now available

Stay tuned for more interviews with our Artisans!